Targeted Offers

Our highly intelligent system targets users and displays the most relevant offers. imonomy uses the contextual analysis of the web page and customizes a unique and engaging experience for each individual user. imonomy’s offers are good-looking, hand chosen, and highly effective.

Global Partners

imonomy has direct relationships with world renowned advertisers. We have established long-lasting and successful partnerships with the most respected advertisers from a wide variety of industries. Our large ad inventory enables us to improve publisher performance, and achieve the highest CPMs in in-image advertising. We invest all of our technological and social resources into making sure that our publishers receive the maximum amount of profit.

Tailored Experience

We offer an advertising experience that is tailored to each visitor, while relating the offers to your content We optimize the offers to compliment your images in order to maximize the engagement of your visitors in order to reach your full profit potential.

Eye Candy Creatives

Our In-Image Ads are meant to attract your visitors and make your pages look and feel good. Our in-image monetization solutions are aesthetically pleasing premium visual offers that convert and generate higher income than any other in-image ad available today.

Get Personal Attention

At imonomy, we treat out publishers like family. With a dedicated account manager, you will have all of the tools necessary to succeed and earn great revenue with in-image advertising.