imonomy developed unique technology that scans the text from web pages,
and automatically matches content-relevant and visually engaging in-image campaigns. Our In-Image Advertising solutions sets the stage for a win-win opportunity for advertisers and publishers. Our In-Image Advertising allow both the advertiser and the publisher to benefit, while the user enjoys a customized and interactive experience. With imonomy, websites are more attractive and engaging. Publishers see high conversion rates with imonomy’s content-relevant in-image advertisements.


Our Story

The idea for imonomy was born while working with content-heavy websites that needed to be made more attractive visually. Premium in-image advertisements are hard to come by, and the time and effort needed to look for quality ads that compliment the text on every page can be a hassle. We understood that there is a need for an automated process that can save time, and generate valuable incremental revenue. imonomy’s founders used their knowledge and experience to build the first Visual Semantic Engine that analyzes the website’s text and displays content-related ads with imonomy’s unique in-image advertising platform.

imonomy also provides publishers with a automated tool, which allows them to display high-quality, copyright-free images on web pages that are published without photos. imonomy’s all-in-one solutions for publishers are easy to use and allow publishers to generate high profits.

The Technology

imonomy is a revolutionary new in-image advertising platform that
analyzes the text from web pages in order to find the most relevant offers to display. Our database contains millions of premium ads that cover every possible topic. imonomy allows publishers the opportunity to leverage their images in order to generate high revenues, while staying informative and relevant.
Our technology encourages higher user engagement, which has been proven to result in significantly increased revenues.

imonomy’s Visual Semantic Engine is easy to implement, and provides publishers with a free API that expands imonomy’s functionality and the system’s abilities.

  • instant impact
  • no copyright worries
  • better performance

imonomy has already been integrated onto thousands of active websites. Major web publishers and well-known online brands are successfully monetizing their images with imonomy. imonomy’s solutions for publishers eliminate the cost of images, increase the time visitors spend on your site, reduce bounce rates, and generate the highest CPMs in the in-image advertising.


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